Long and Short Essay on Republic Day of India in English

Republic Day (twenty sixth of January) is a special day for India, celebrated annually as a National Festival all over India to commemorate and honor the day whilst the Constitution of India came into pressure (26 January, 1950) because the governing document of India.

Long and Short Essay on Republic Day of India in English

Republic Day may be very crucial day of the 12 months for the humans of India and we have a good time it annually on twenty sixth of January for the reason that 1950. Let your kids and kids recognise about the history of celebrating Republic Day in India through the use of very simple essay on Republic Day. All Republic Day essay are truely written particularly for using children and kids and assisting parents to without difficulty discover it on-line on this website under diverse words limit.

By going through this essay you will be capable of recognize the solution of many questions like what's the history of Constitution of India, How Republic Day is Celebrated, Republic Day birthday party in Schools, Republic Day Celebration at Rajpath, New Delhi, and what's the Significance of Republic Day, etc.

Republic Day Essay 1 (a hundred words)

Our u . S . A ., India celebrates the Republic Day each yr to honour the day when Constitution of India got here into pressure. The Constitution of India replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as a governing file of India at the special day of 26 January in 1950. It has been declared because the countrywide holiday via the Government of India. People in India enjoy this wonderful day by way of celebrating of their personal approaches. On at the moment a parade takes place in the country wide capital of India, New Delhi on the Rajpath (in the front of the India Gate) in the presence of President of India.

Republic Day Essay 2 (150 phrases)

India celebrates the Republic Day each yr on the 26th of January when you consider that 1950 while Constitution of India came into pressure. Republic Day in India is of top notch significance inside the history as it tells us all approximately every and each battle of Indian freedom. People who were combating for Independence of India took a pledge on the equal day in 1930 on the banks of River Ravi in Lahore to attain a complete independence (Poorna Swarajya) of India, which came authentic in the year 1947 on fifteenth of August.

On 26th of January in 1950, India changed into declared as a Sovereign, Secular, Socialistic and Democratic Republic which means that the human beings of India has the energy to choose the authorities for the u . S . A .. It is well known by means of organizing a main occasion with unique parade at Rajpath, New Delhi inside the presence of President of India by means of unfurling the National Flag and making a song the National Anthem.

Republic Day Essay three (200 words)

Republic day is well known on twenty sixth January each yr across India. India got its independence on 15th of August, 1947 and round two and half years later it became a Democratic Republic. This day is of terrific significance for every Indian since the charter of India got here into force and India was declared as a republic united states after long years of freedom battle.

History of Constitution of India

In a meeting hung on 28th August 1947, it was determined that a Drafting Committee might be appointed to draft a permanent charter for India. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar changed into made the chairman of Drafting Committee who took the duty and submitted the constitution of India to the Assembly on 4th of November, 1947, which turned into adopted on 26th November, 1949 and got here into pressure on 26th January, 1950.


Republic day is a countrywide holiday in India while human beings have a good time this superb day of honour in their very own ways. Everyone is glued to tv to observe the Republic Day parade while kids take part in Republic Day programmes in colleges. The essential birthday party takes region at Rajpath, New Delhi in which President of India hoists the National Flag and parade is organised with the aid of the Indian Armed Forces. People also pay tribute to all the freedom opponents of the Indian freedom warfare who sacrificed their lives for the state.

Republic Day Essay four (250 words)

In India, 26th of January is well known as Republic Day each yr due to the fact the Constitution of India got here into pressure in this day. It is celebrated because the countrywide competition of India which has been declared as a country wide excursion. Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day are other  country wide vacations of India. On 26th of January in 1950 our united states of america have become a complete Democratic Republic after reinforcement of the Constitution of India in the Indian Parliament.

How Republic Day is Celebrated

On this day a high-quality Indian army parade takes area which generally starts from the Vijay Chowk and ends at India Gate. Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) salute the President of India at the same time as parading on the Rajpath. The parade also showcases the skills of the Indian Armed Forces exhibiting the superior arms and battle of the u . S .. It is accompanied via the tableau or ‘Jhanki’ of each nation showing their culture and traditions. Students have a good time this day in the faculties and colleges by way of collaborating in numerous activities like parade, flag hoisting, speech competitions, performs and various other cultural programmes.


Republic Day is the country wide pageant of India which reminds us approximately the sacrifices of our brilliant leaders and freedom opponents who did now not reflect onconsideration on themselves and their families and luckily sacrificed their lives for the state. The democracy which we have obtained must be valued by every body and should no longer be taken as a right. Everyone should make a contribution their bit for the development of the country and spread peace, love and harmony.

Republic Day Essay five (300 phrases)

26th January is referred to as Republic Day which is widely known by way of the people of India every yr with amazing pleasure and enthusiasm. It is widely known to honour the importance of being a Sovereign Democratic Republic which turned into declared after the enforcement of Constitution of India in 1950 on 26th of January. It is also celebrated to revel in and recollect the historical Independence of India from the British Rule.

Republic Day Celebration in Schools

Schools prepare numerous cultural programmes on the occasion of Republic Day. Students participate in those programmes with fantastic zeal and enthusiasm. Various competitions like essay writing, speech, drawing and painting and so on are conducted in all the academic institutions. Students additionally behavior performs and skits showing the Indian independence warfare of freedom fighters.

Republic Day Celebration at Rajpath, New Delhi

Government of India organizes a chief occasion each year within the National capital, New Delhi wherein flag hoisting occasion, Indian Armed Forces parade and numerous other sports are held in front of the India Gate. People start to assemble at Rajpath in early morning to witness this super occasion.

A parade of all 3 wings of Indian Armed Forces starts from the Vijay Chowk which also displays the superior conflict skills of the u . S . A .. Military Bands of all of the regiment, NCC Cadets and ex-army men also take part within the parade. Tableaus from all of the states are also displayed after the parade displaying the rich way of life of India. Folk dances and diverse stunts also are exhibited by using the individuals and navy employees on Rajpath.


Republic Day isn't always just a national competition but it's far a party of democracy and independence. This is the day whilst we do not forget our freedom warring parties and thank them through paying tribute to them for their tremendous sacrifice. It is due to them that we are residing in a democratic country and breathing in an impartial united states of america.

Republic Day Essay 6 (four hundred words)

Our motherland, India become slave underneath the British rule for lengthy years for the duration of which Indians had been exploited and compelled to observe the laws made by using British rule. After long years of warfare through our exceptional freedom combatants, finally India have become independent on 15th of August in 1947. Around two and 1/2 years later Indian authorities applied its very own Constitution and declared India because the Democratic Republic on twenty sixth of January in 1950. The statement of India as a Sovereign Democratic Republic made its citizen to celebrate 26th of January as a Republic Day every 12 months to commemorate this splendid day.

Significance of Republic Day

Republic Day marks the remembrance of the day whilst the constitution of India got here into force. The importance of this present day could not be unnoticed as this turned into the day while India have become republic and wherein the government is for the human beings, of the people and with the aid of the human beings. Celebrating Republic Day every yr is the superb honour for the people dwelling in India in addition to abroad. It is the day of terrific importance and celebrated by way of the people with super joy and exuberance by way of organizing and collaborating in numerous occasions. People watch for these days eagerly to be the a part of its superb party.

26th January Celebrations

Preparation paintings for the republic day celebration at Rajpath starts offevolved a month earlier than. A most important party association in the country wide capital, New Delhi and kingdom capitals takes place all over India. Celebration at Rajpath, New Delhi starts offevolved with the National Flag hoisting through the President of India and singing of the National Anthem. After this, Indian Armed Forces parade, country-sensible ‘Jhankis’, march-beyond, awards distribution etc activities takes region.

On these days, the air is full of the fragrance of patriotism and we are able to hear the sound of patriotic songs and national flag flying high everywhere. Students of schools and schools are very keen to rejoice this occasion and start the guidance round a month earlier than.  Almost each Indian citizen receives prepared early inside the morning to observe the birthday party and parade at Rajpath, New Delhi on their television. National flag flying excessive on each house may be very not unusual on this day while people forget their personal problems and have a good time this country wide pageant with a sense of nationalism and togetherness.


Republic Day isn't the most effective day whilst we must display our patriotism towards our state rather it must be showcased in our day by day habitual. We have to strictly comply with our essential responsibilities and respect the charter of our u . S . Then handiest we will assist our u . S . To come to be a advanced nation wherein each person lives in prosperity, peace and harmony and so that it will be the real tribute to our freedom opponents.

Long Essay on Republic Day of India – Essay 7 (six hundred Words)

26th January 1950 became the day when the Constitution of India came into force. This was the day when India became to a republic usa after the British colonial rule of three hundred years. Since then we commemorate the day by way of celebrating the Republic Day on twenty sixth January each 12 months.

The Constitution of India, which is likewise regarded as the very best regulation of our united states turned into framed through Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who was the chairman of the constitution drafting committee. The hard paintings and intelligence of Dr. Ambedkar and the members of the drafting committee helped our country to get our very personal constitution which declares India as a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democratic Republic state.

Importance of Republic Day

Republic Day has significance in each heart of an Indian citizen. This is one of the national gala's of India which embarks the feel of patriotism in anybody’s thoughts. This is one of the occasion which helps to introduce the younger era to our splendid Indian records and lifestyle. This is the day when we keep in mind our exquisite leaders and freedom opponents who sacrificed their lifestyles for the united states.

Republic Day also teaches us the significance of solidarity and the way it helped within the Indian freedom struggle to defeat the tons effective British Empire. Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence motion teaches us that how we are able to defeat a far effective enemy with out lifting a single weapon or dropping a drop of blood. Republic Day also makes us keep in mind that all of the citizens of the us of a are same for the charter and there's no discrimination on the premise of caste, creed or religion.

Republic Day Celebration

The Republic Day is celebrated throughout the usa with full enthusiasm, zeal, joy and stale direction, with the actual sense of patriotism. The celebrations in schools are very not unusual sightings on this day in which kids are well dressed up wearing the tricolor and carrying the badges of our terrific freedom fighters. Flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural programmes, speeches, numerous competitions and many others are carried out in all the faculties in addition to inside the authorities and personal workplaces.

The President of India addresses the kingdom at the eve of Republic Day on twenty fifth January and is telecasted on all of the radio and tv channels. The predominant celebration takes region in New Delhi at Rajpath near India Gate on twenty sixth January.

Republic Day Celebration at Rajpath, New Delhi

The Republic Day birthday party begins with the hoisting of countrywide flag via the President of India at Rajpath within the presence of an honorable Chief Guest. After which the national anthem is sung and tribute is paid to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the u . S . A .. President additionally offers the gallantry awards to the civilians and infantrymen who displayed extraordinary braveness and bravery.

The picturesque occasion of the Republic Day birthday party begins with the parade of the Indian defense force which is presided over through the President of India. He additionally takes the salute of the parade being the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The parade additionally showcases the military competencies of our u . S . Starting from tanks to missiles and fighter jets to guns. There also are numerous thoughts-blowing performances via the Indian Air Force, Navy and army employees. It is accompanied by using the colourful tableau from diverse states which famous the lifestyle and traditions of the state.

Beating the Retreat Ceremony

Beating the Retreat is the crucial part of the Republic Day birthday celebration and additionally an age old traditional rite after the Republic Day. The rite is held on twenty ninth January at Vijay Chowk, New Delhi. Military Bands, Trumpets, Drums etc from numerous Army regiments carry out in sync gambling various patriotic tunes. Beating the Retreat additionally marks the legit last of the 4 days lengthy Republic Day birthday party with a advantageous note.


Republic Day instills the feel of patriotism within the hearts of the humans. This is the day when all the citizens of our u . S . Unite together underneath the unmarried blanket of togetherness and have fun the day with zeal and zest. It also reminds us the fee of democracy and to carry out our essential responsibilities to make our united states self reliant, evolved and resilient.