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Realme, the sub-mark having a place with OPPO, has collected a lot of accomplishment in India as far back as it appeared its first-ever Realme 1 in the market. On account of a blend of focused valuing and convincing highlights, Realme did not simply turned out to be significant in India, it commanded the online merry season deals with an expansion of 600 percent in shipments.

To benefit from this achievement, Realme will dispatch a progression of frill designed for its unwavering cell phone base and others. These items will touch base before the current year's over and seeing as how there's not really multi month staying for 2018 to end, we ought to anticipate that these frill should come soon.

Realme CEO Confirms New Products Are Coming to India

Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme has expressed that Realme is intending to dispatch an adornment environment in India. As a major aspect of the organization's arrangement, the main item to beauty the market will be a couple of headphones, which will land before the year's end. He didn't affirm whether these will be Bluetooth-empowered or on the off chance that they will require a physical connector. He additionally did not give information if these headphones will utilize the customary 3.5mm sound jack or a Type-C USB port.

Be that as it may, all telephones propelled by Realme till now highlight a microUSB port, so all things considered, these headphones will utilize a 3.5mm earphone jack. The organization's CEO likewise expressed that it intends to dispatch the last form of ColorOS 5.2, getting new highlights with the most recent refresh. Realme's designs are appearing to be like another competitor's; Xiaomi and this brand has the most unmistakable nearness in India with regards to cell phone shipments.

Notwithstanding moving cell phones at forceful estimating sections, Xiaomi additionally has an expanded embellishments biological community. Realme could have plans to dispatch comparable items not far off, evaluating these things around a similar range and giving them comparative highlights. Ideally, the headphones propelling before the finish of this current year are produced using sturdy materials that can oppose expanded mileage.

At the point when Realme begins to acquaint further developed items having a place with its frill environment, we may even observe a committed Android and iOS application getting propelled.

What Could Be Next for Realme?

The organization is likewise wanting to dispatch its first U-arrangement cell phone, which will be fueled by the MediaTek Helio P70 SoC. Realme has shared no valuing subtleties however we can accept it will be moderate. Only some time ago, OPPO's sub-image propelled its Realme 2 Pro, a Snapdragon 660-controlled gadget intended to give execution and moderateness in a solitary bundle.

It may be conceivable that Realme intends to go up against Xiaomi's POCOPHONE image with the dispatch of a cell phone including lead equipment and it could be less expensive than the opposition. Obviously, Realme has not affirmed this, but rather on the off chance that you investigate the organization's course at the present time, it would not be hard to envision this occurrence.

After you're done finding out about the most recent Realme news, you can look at our video featuring five reasons why you should get the Realme 2. For under INR 10,000, the Realme 2 is a standout amongst other Android-energized cell phones in India, and on the off chance that you haven't acquired one, you're passing up the experience.

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