Realme 2, Realme C1 and Realme 2 Pro will get OS updates, are these big changes

"Realme 2", "Realme C1" and "Realme 2 Pro" will get OS updates, are these big changes

Realme 2

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme sub-brand Oppo has released a new update for its two new handsets Realme 2 and Realme C1. This update ColorOS 5.2 is OTA. Earlier it had been updated Realme 1. This updates the company may be downloaded from the Forum. The company also provides above information the installation of the OTA package. All the users Realme week earlier in January it is being put forward to get updates. If users want to download this update now, this link has been on the company's website. ColorOS 5.2 What will the users in OTA update: will the new updates to users notifications Dismis can swipe right or left with. Whenever you plug the handset it will be a new icon. As well as the application of a new smart bar also went for granted. Also be able to switch to a new Noble reboot function will also interface to swipe up users whose help. In addition to all these reminders will also be optimized. It comes with a new touch screen frequency. However, if the user the power button when you long press will be Google Assistant Open. December security patches will also be with this update.

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In addition to Realme 2 and Millen update ColorOS 5.2 OTA to Realme C1 Realme 2 Pro will also update the stable. It Realme 2 Pro's battery life will be better. It comes with updated battery optimization. This update will also be December security patches. Let me tell you that the new screen battery will be adjusting the brightness and contrast through the optimization mode. The company claimed that this new balance mode battery life will increase to 5 per cent. However, the strong mode 10 per cent increase. Also slow-motion mode in the Camera app will also be added.

According to the company, it will be available to update a handful of users. If this update does not encounter difficulties related to a bug or software company will this rollout to all users.